Joint Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties With Premier Party Cruises

Ode to A Combined Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties in Austin, Texas


Ahhhh, marriage. Engagement. Love, we hope! The concept of formally connecting oneself to one another in front of God/community/the internet for life is not new but is constantly being redefined as society itself evolves. Being that the idea of betrothal can be so different from couple to couple it feels important to delve inward before deciding how a union should be celebrated, a one size fits all mentality simply won’t do. Over at Premier Party Cruises, we know this. We seent it! In fact, through our years of what some might call “heroic” work in running our famous party barges out of Lake Travis in Austin, Texas we have become something of a celebration expert. People come out to our Bachelor/Bachelorette party Disco Cruises from all over the world and every walk of life. Humans in different colors, shapes, sexual orientations and varying aptitudes for busting sick dance moves on our deck arrive to Anderson Mill Marina and walk down the dock to our blue pontoon boats to celebrate with us under the disco balls. We really feel that the differences between everyone we meet just make what we do more exciting and as long as you are a good human we are so excited to celebrate you for the day, no matter what.


Today, we want to give special attention to a subset of engaged people that we know exist because we have met them with increasing frequency in our line of work out on the lake, but who mostly live in society’s minds as the stuff of legend and mythical folklore. We dare to imagine but do these people really exist or are they simply fodder for our vivid imaginations as a way to keep the fires of hope burning inside that we could all, one day, be this ourselves?

We mean couples who actually like each other. No, no, no, I don’t mean you love each-other, of course you do. We are referring to the ones who share the same group of friends, who have combined their groups of friends into a supergroup, the ones who are best friends, who have more fun together than apart and don’t feel the need to adhere strictly to tradition- they just wanna hang out together forever. They don’t refer to each other as “the old ball and chain” or think of the wedding as a “death”. Possibly they aren’t even planning an actual wedding, maybe they will just go to the courthouse or elope to Vegas to be married by an Elvis impersonator.

Are you one of those couples?

Gross. Just kidding! We think you are wonderful, which is why we wanted to draw your attention to a trend we have seen increasing in the last few years. JOINT BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE BASHES. Let us give you an idea of how a bachelor or bachelorette weekend in Austin, Texas could go down.

couple kissing at a boat party atx disco cruise party
couple taking a funny photo together at a bachelor party atx disco cruise party


Everyone in the bridal party flies into Texas via Austin Bergstrom International Airport

First step, LODGING! Rent a one-of-a-kind accommodation like below so everyone can have room for a weekend to remember-

Insta-Worthy 6 Bedroom Home Rainey Street

Casa Cartel- Austin Villa with Pool

12 Incredible Airbnbs in Austin, Texas

Or, rent separate residences to have some solo friend time and get together later! Search on Airbnb or check out one of Austin’s hotels like The Line, Hotel Van Zandt, or South Congress Hotel.

The LINE Austin

Hotel Van Zandt

South Congress Hotel

Rainey Street is a perfect choice for your first night out, the two parties can separate and come back together at the end of the night. Having a little friendly competition over checking off items on a scavenger hunt that you can compare results to and declare a winner is a fun way to say, “I’m so happy to see you, you lost and I won- in your face.” Everyone knows this is romantic and helps to set expectations for who is dominant in the future marriage.

The next day, attend a Disco Cruise with Premier Party on Lake Travis! Tickets are purchased individually for each person in the group and the price includes a photographer, experienced captains to drive the boat, a DJ, lily pads to swim on, water to drink, and coolers with ice. Your group only has to bring itself. Other bachelor/bachelorette parties join in as well, so it becomes one big blended party. Everyone can swim, dance, and celebrate together. There is no easier way to plan such a huge activity for a large group!

Premier Party Cruises- BOOK HERE

large group taking a photo at a bachelor and bachelorette party atx disco cruise party
austin party boat rentals lake travis party barge austin lake travis party cruise austin boat party lake travis party boat rentals austin party barge rentals lake travis

We LOVED how the dudes surprised the girls by dressing up as the bride to arrive on the boat. GENIUS. The night before, the girls surprised the bachelor party by dressing as the groom.


Going out the second night as one big group is the move, meet up with everyone from the Disco Cruise and take over the city of Austin- no one can stop you! Except the police, please drink responsibly and be careful.

The bottom line is, this is your time, and you can plan an epic celebration in any way you want. Traditions can be lovely, but they can always be more of a loose coat rather than a straitjacket. When the time comes to plan an Austin, Texas bachelor or bachelorette party we just want you to feel empowered to make a celebration that feels right for you and your partner, whatever that entails. Our calculations lead us to believe this will result in having the time of your life, therefore putting more joy into the world. You deserve it and frankly, we love to see it.

It’s kind of why we’re here.

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