Our Boats

Our cruises are held on our four awesome boats! The “Day Tripper” (14-Person Boat), the “Meeseeks” and the “The Irony” (25-Person Boats), and the “Clever Girl” (50-Person Boat).
Our Boats Come With The Following:

Day Tripper (14-Person Boat)

austin texas boat day tripper 14-person boat premier party cruises

Meeseeks (25-Person Boat)

austin texas boat meeseeks 25-person boat premier party cruises

The Irony (25-Person Boat)

austin texas boat the irony 25-person boat premier party cruises

Clever Girl (50-Person Boat)

austin texas boat clever girl 50-person boat premier party cruises

Rules when on the boat

Be Cool, Have Fun, & Stay Alive – Read: Don’t Be a Dick & Don’t Die! 😎

ALL are expected to behave like adults, and be respectful of one another at all times. Any rude or disrespectful behavior will result in removal by the police.

Show up ready to have some fun and leave your ego on the shore, this is a happy place.

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE! Our captains work hard, and even though it might seem like a fun job, we take the safety of our customers and our crew very seriously. If the captains/crew deem anyone on the boat a danger to themselves and/or others for any reason, we reserve the right to end the party early with no refund for the missed time. This isn’t something we take advantage of or like having to do, but it comes with the responsibility of the job. It’s only mentioned because we want everyone to have a fun and safe day on the water. Historically these reasons include, but aren’t limited to, an individual being too intoxicated (water, boats, and booze can be dangerous! Don’t drown and pace yourself!), deciding they need to fight someone (chill bro/bro-ette!), aren’t listening to the crew’s instructions and/or being disrespectful to our staff or other lake goers (follow the golden rule

If people are blatantly littering, we just won’t stand for it. Trash goes in the trash cans! No alcoholic drinks for minor at all times! No underage drinking will be tolerated. If alcohol will be present, any passengers under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The DISCO Cruise is a 21+ Event, and we keep the average age mid-late 20s & 30s.

No illegal drugs or any illegal substances at all times!

No bad attitudes or mean people. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Leave the attitudes at home please. We’re here to have fun!

If anyone is caught breaking the law or is so drunk they are a danger to themselves or others, then the party is over for your group with no refund.

Please enjoy your time on the water respectfully and responsibly

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