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The ULTIMATE Austin Bachelorette Austin Party Cruise Experience

Exclusively for Austin Bachelorette & Bachelor Parties

We’ve Taken Care of Everything

Welcome to Premier Party Cruises, You've Come to the Right Place.

We Have 4 Party Boats to Accommodate Groups of Any Size for
Private Party Boat Rentals..

However, We HIGHLY Encourage You to Book the

ATX Disco Cruise!

The BEST Damn Party In Austin!
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The ATX Disco Cruise!

Friday 12-4 Disco Cruise: $80+
Sat. 11-3 Disco Cruise: $105+
Sat. 330-730 Disco Cruise: $90+
**Bachelor(ette) Groups Only!**

austin texas boat day tripper 14-person boat premier party cruises

14-Person Private Cruise

Mon-Thurs: $549 + tax & tip
Friday: $649 + tax & tip
Saturday: $1149 + tax &
Sunday: $649 + tax &

austin texas boat meeseeks 25-person boat premier party cruises

25-Person Private Cruise

Mon-Thurs: $649 + tax & tip
Friday: $749 + tax & tip
Saturday: $1249 + tax & tip
Sunday: $749 + tax & tip

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50-Person Private Cruise

Mon-Thurs: $749 + tax & tip
Friday: $849 + tax & tip
Saturday: $1349 + tax & tip
Sunday: $849 + tax & tip


What Is The ATX Disco Cruise?

The ATX Disco Cruise is a ready-to-go party that we host every Friday and Saturday on Lake Travis, EXCLUSIVELY for Austin bachelorette & bachelor parties!

Bachelor & bachelorette parties come together from all over the country to Austin, Texas to celebrate their best friends getting hitched, and we’re here to make sure it goes swimmingly!


You can rent a private boat for your bachelorette party, but why would you??

You wouldn’t want to miss the BEST damn boat party in Austin!

The ATX Disco Cruise provides bachelor and bachelorette parties with everything below, plus bubbles, koozies, and name tags to top it off 🙂

What’s Included? 

An incredible DJ, professional photographer, private cooler, mimosa supplies, plus all of your best friends & everyone else celebrating the same beautiful occasion!

Yes, it really is as fun as it sounds.

We created this party just for you.  And we nailed it 😉

It’s the highlight of our job, and the highlight of your weekend 


Your friends won’t believe you found this!

You deserve a medal.

Don’t miss your chance to be the hero of the weekend!

If you’re planning a bachelor or bachelorette party in Austin, Texas, booking the ATX Disco Cruise is 100% the BEST way to make sure you have the MOST INCREDIBLE weekend possible 🙂

If You're Trying to Have an Amazing Bachelorette Party Cruise
on Lake Travis..

There Are Sooo Many Reasons to Book the ATX Disco Cruise...Here Goes...

It Shouldn't Be a Mystery By Now...

10 Reasons to Book the ATX Disco Cruise!

1. It’s LITERALLY the most fun thing you’ll do in Austin…nothing else comes close.

2. EVERYTHING but alcohol is included. Just bring drinks, SHOW UP & GET DOWN!

3. Planning your MAIN EVENT for an Austin bachelorette party is already DONE! No need to do much except get everyone up in time to hop on the boat and join the party!

4. Everyone on the boat is celebrating the same occasion as you, and the vibe is simply INCREDIBLE.

5. Our professional photographer will capture the moment and send you the pictures later…just relax and catch up with your friends!

6. Our AMAZING house DJs have the tunes covered. They’ll make sure the party is hoppin’ from start to finish!

7. We have the nicest boats on the lake, and the best amenities standard. Plenty of shade & seating, clean restroom, LOUD sound system, and enough lily pad floats and life jackets for everyone to relax safely in the water.

8. This is a GREAT value. At $80-$125 per person, it’s cheaper to join the Disco Cruise than to rent one of our party boats privately!

9. We’ll help you plan your ENTIRE Austin Bachelorette Party Weekend and make sure everything goes off without a hitch! Contact us for more details!

10. 14 Years in Business, We Got This Down. 100,000 Satisfied Customers Can’t Be Wrong 😉

The Ultimate Austin Bachelorette Party Weekend

We ask people every ATX Disco Cruise…Is there anything we should improve?  The answer is always the same: 

No, it was Perfect.  Most fun I’ve had in a long time!  I just wish we had another hour!

We’ve seriously created the most fun thing you can do in Austin, legally.

It’s the highlight of the big weekend every single time, and we are so happy to be able to watch y’all get DOWN!

** You can book a private cruise, but you really need to experience this…everyone will thank you for it.  There’s NOTHING like it anywhere in the country, and it’s become a really cool, special thing.

Hope to see ya out there, let’s Disco Y’all!

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RAVE Reviews I Tell Ya!

We’re 100% on everyone having fun on our cruises.
If you don’t have fun out here, you might need to look inward 😉

How To Book A Bachelorette Party Cruise?

It’s really easy 🙂

Simply click BOOK NOW, fill in your cruise information, and if you make the cut, we’ll send you directly to the Booking Calendar to book your AUSTIN BACHELOR/ETTE PARTY WEEKEND!

From there, you will be able to see what’s available for the weekend you’re requesting, and you’ll be able to book directly with a 25% deposit! Please see the FAQ page for details!

We’re available all day via phone, email, or text for anything you need before you book your ultimate Austin bachelor/ette party on Lake Travis!

Ok, a lot to consider…here goes:

  • Do you like planning everything?
  • Do you want to be responsible for taking photos all day to capture the moment?
  • Do you think you’ll get around to making the perfect boat party playlist?
  • Do you think you’ll remember mimosa supplies?
  • Do you want to stop and get ice, water, cups, koozies, bubbles, AND beverages?
  • Do you want to pay extra for a DJ, photographer, 

Ok, Here Goes:

  • Amazing DJ Spinnin’ ALL Day
  • Professional Photographer to Capture the Moment
  • Fresh Fruit Mimosa Bar
  • Lily Pad Floats Included
  • Private Cooler w/Ice
  • Ice Water & Cups
  • Bubbles, Koozies, Name Tags

This is more of a preference, but REMEMBER: Austin is WILD! It’s really tough to herd cats at 9am on a Saturday after a long night out on the town. 

For that reason, we HIGHLY recommend booking the Saturday 330-730 Disco Cruise.  It’s the most fun, you can sleep in and come out fresh and ready to GET DOWN!

We Gotcha Covered!

If the weather REALLY doesn’t cooperate, we’ve got a backup plan, b/c the party MUST go on, and NOTHING is ruining your main event!  We simply change the venue, and throw it down with an amazing party called the Lemonade Disco, with food & drinks included!

A Letter From the Owner


Thanks so much for taking the time to read thru all of this, we really appreciate it!

I wanted to give a little background on the business, and to explain how much we really care about your experience.

We’ve been operating for the past 14 years, starting with one boat that we built with our bare hands when I was 23, after I quit my engineering job. 

Don’t worry, I’m way smarter than I look  <<

We now have 4 boats and host over 1200 cruises a year, and we’ve had over 75,000 people come out and experience Lake Travis with us. So, we are REALLY good at all this. Please take a look at our reviews on Yelp and Google and you’ll see that I’m shootin’ ya straight 🙂

All of my captains have been with me from the beginning, and every one of them is a solid, reliable, great guy that will be a gentleman and keep you and your party safe and happy throughout your whole experience.

Every one of our captains & crew is CPR certified, we have defibrillators on every boat, inflatable life vests, extensive first aid, enough life jackets for the whole party, & lily pads available if you wanna treat yo self 🙂

We came up with the ATX Disco Cruise to create the MOST fun time we could imagine on the lake, and we have fully accomplished that.  You can totally rent a private boat for your day on Lake Travis, but I’d highly recommend you join the ATX Disco Cruise, you just can’t beat it.

Not only am I sure your time on the lake will be spectacular, but we’ll also help you plan the whole party cruise, and book out your whole weekend in Austin if you like!

We’re a one stop shop for fun in Austin, & we’re here if you need us!

I sincerely hope you’ll choose us for your big day on Lake Travis, we’d love to host you and your group and make sure y’all have the BEST bachelorette weekend in Austin!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly if you have any questions or concerns, we’re standing by 🙂


Brian Hill, Owner/Experience Optimization Engineer

Premier Party Cruises

(512) 488-5892

A Few More Photos of ALL the Fun We're Having EVERY Weekend 🙂

Yep, we have this on repeat, it’s that good 😉

ATX Disco Cruise Rules & Additional Info

Hello! I want to give a quick run-thru of the ATX Disco Cruise so that everyone knows what to expect leading up to the big day!

The Rules are Be Cool, Have Fun, & Stay Alive – Read: Don’t Be a Dick & Don’t Die! 😎

Men and women are expected to behave like adults, and be respectful of one another at all times. Any rude or disrespectful behavior will result in removal by the police (Read: Girls, We Gotchu…Guys, Behave).

We provide a private cooler for each group of girls with 3 fruit juices and a fresh fruit tray on ice. If you need more space, the large white coolers full of ice are for everyone to use.

The ATX Disco Cruises usually book up AT LEAST TWO MONTHS IN ADVANCE, so don’t wait too long to book! You can always add on someone later, so we recommend that you book with the group that is confirmed, and then you can add the others once they get it together 🙂

We’ll provide ice water, cups, koozies, bubbles, name tags, and everything you need (besides alcohol) for an amazing day on the water!

Our resident DJs are incredible every time, and our photographer will document the day so you don’t have to spend all day on your phone!

Please ONLY book this cruise if you like parties and having fun. We will not allow any wet blankets or sticks in the mud to board our boat.

Show up ready to have some fun and leave your ego on the shore, this is a happy place 🙂

If you’re hung over, suck it up and get through it, and don’t take it out on everyone else on the boat and kill the vibe…also frowned upon 😉

Giant lily pad floats are also included, and we’ll have a pump if you want to bring anything else festive to float on.

The party will go on, RAIN OR SHINE!! It’s key that you know this before you book! We will take care of you on that day no matter what! On all Saturday Disco Cruises, if it’s a stormy day, we’ll be hosting the Lemonade Disco – an amazing party at a lakeside waterpark called Beachside Billy’s! It’s a full waterpark, bar and restaurant, and if the weather doesn’t cooperate, we’ll throw this party right down the street. We’ll have our DJs spinning all day, buy a bar tab, and even have a full fajita/BBQ buffet for the whole party! On top of that, there’s a beach volleyball court, dozens of pools, and plenty of covered space to dance the day away even if it’s raining! THEN, if the weather does let up, we’ll have the boats ready to go, and we’ll take everyone out on the lake and do the damn thang!

Bottom line, we’re going to do everything we can to make sure y’all have a great day with us. No amount of rain is taking down this bachelorette weekend 🙂 We gotchu :)))

The Blog

First off, thank you SO MUCH for reading all of this so far 🙂 Lots to read here for inspiration on planning your PERFECT bachelorette party weekend in Austin!! We’re having a lot of fun writing this stuff, and it’s all VERY useful, but if you have any specific ideas or questions, please send em our way. We ALWAYS try and accommodate every request so we can make make your weekend as unbelievably special as humanly possible! :)) Once you’ve read enough, click the button to get access to the online booking calendar, and we can get this thang locked down!
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