Frequently Asked Questions

ATX Disco Cruise — The ATX Disco Cruise is our signature event, a curated cruise, especially for, but not limited to,
bachelorette & bachelor parties, held thrice per week.

FridayNoon – 4pm
Saturday11am – 3pm
3:30pm – 7:30pm  Afternoon Cruise

The ATX Disco Cruise hosts about 100-150 people every time! It is THE MOST FUN you’ll have in Austin, hands down. It’s the
highlight of the weekend every dang time, and we hope you’ll join us for this amazing event we’ve created.

Private Cruise — Private cruises are for clients who opt to book the entire boat just for themselves. The regular schedule is on Fridays, Saturdays, and, mostly, Sundays. Private parties are available on weekdays upon request.


Noon – 4pm

14-Person Boat

4:30pm – 8:30pm

14-Person Boat

 25-Person (2 Boats Available)

 50-Person Boat


11am – 3pm 


14-Person Boat 

3:30pm – 7:30pm 


11am – 3 pm

14-Person Boat

25-Person (2 Boats Available) 

50-Person Boat

3:30pm – 7:30pm

Please refer to the table below or read our Terms and Conditions.

Premier party cruises cancellation refund policy
Premier party cruises cancellation refund policy

All cruises are rain or shine as all of our boats have plenty of cover. Plus, Austin weather is so spotty, it usually blows right over &
the party continues!

BUT if the captain deems it unsafe to be on the water for the ATX Disco Cruise, there are no refunds as the party will continue no
matter what & we will throw The Lemonade Disco!

If your private cruise is canceled, you will have the option to join the Lemonade Disco OR you may choose to receive a 75%
refund or keep your credit for a future cruise date. Cruises that make it out on the water, but get cut short, will be offered a
prorated refund

Private Cruises (Non-Bachelor/ette): The minimum average age is 25 across the board.  Exceptions include family parties where parents are responsible for everyone under 21 y/o, OR if there will be no drinking alcohol during the cruise. If you would like to ask for an exception for a different case, just ask, we’re flexible. Please reach out to us via phone or text.

Bachelor Parties: Minimum average age is 25 years old. It’s okay if a couple guys are as young as 22, but 80% of the group must be over 25. We’re simply not entertaining groups of guys that just learned about working out and drinking.  If you’d like to request an exception, if you think your group can behave themselves for 4 straight hours.  If you can’t keep your wits about you and be respectful of everyone, please take your business elsewhere.  IF there will be no drinking, the minimum age is 18. 

Bachelorette Parties: Minimum age is 22, but if there are 1 or 2 people who are 21 years old, please let us know and we’ll try and make an exception.  If there will be no drinking, the minimum age is 18. 

Yes! Children under 18 do count towards the total # of people, and you must not exceed the limit of the boat with children included (14, 25, or 50).  Please let us know the # of children and age of each child so we can make sure we have enough life jackets.  Please make sure there is one adult for every ONE child.  There is no lifeguard on duty, and we cannot be responsible for watching kids in the water, so we require a sufficient # of adults to watch their children.  Children to not have to wear life jackets at all times, but they must have well-fitting life jacket on the boat with them.  It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of their child.  Each child’s name must be printed on the waiver with the parents’ signature next to it.

Please click here to read more about Our Boats.

Unfortunately not. Burns hurt! Long story short, due to safety we have decided to no longer use the grills on our boats during parties. Please be sure that if you bring any food, it is something that doesn’t need to be heated or grilled. Safety First! Sandwiches are awesome!

Large lily pads are included for the ATX Disco Cruise. For private cruises, you can add them on for an additional charge.

You are welcome to bring your own floaties as most of the boats have an air pump available upon request.

Absolutely! You are welcome to arrive (no more than 15 minutes) before your cruise time to set up the boat the way you like it. Please do not bring decorations that will litter the lake – confetti, feather boas, balloons that will pop, etc. Don’t Mess With Texas 🤠

We have large communal coolers on each boat that can fit enough drinks/water and food for each boat capacity. You are welcome to bring a small cooler (no styrofoam) to your cruise and they can be stored under the bench seats, but you are responsible for your own belongings that you bring. ATX Disco Cruise coolers will be stocked with ice, but private events are responsible for their own ice.

There’s a table in the middle of “Clever Girl” (50-person boat), and we have folding tables available upon request for private cruises.

A DJ is included in the ATX Disco Cruise. They are some of the best & they know what they’re doing! They can do their best to take song requests but keep in mind their job is to match the entire party’s vibe & trust us – they do a damn good job of it 😜

For private cruises, you may bring a DJ – just give us a heads up! They’ll need a power strip, splash guard if wanted, extension cord, all XLR and power cables (ALL cables needed), & a table if 4 feet x 2 feet isn’t enough.


Please visit the Pricing page to know the specific cruise price.

Only if your cruise date is 30 days away or less. Otherwise, we only require a 25% deposit to book OR you can choose our new “Split Payment” option and have your group pay their way towards the balance!

Please note that the full payment must be made 30 days before the cruise date.

We highly recommend that you use your own card or the card of the person placing the booking (organizer).

If using someone else’s card, please copy the message below and have the card owner send it to our number, 5124885892.

“Hi, this is . I authorize <organizer’s name> to use my credit/debit card ending in to secure a booking with your company. Thank you.”

A 20% gratuity/tip is already included in the pricing, but no one is stopping you to provide them with more. 😉

Type of CruiseWhat Are IncludedWhat To Bring?
ATX DIsco Cruise 

● Tour on Lake Travis

● Experienced & licensed Captains & Crew (Nice, Fun, and Professional) 

● Clean Restroom 

● Professional DJ

● Professional Photographer

● Plenty of Shades & Seats

● Swim Time

● Extra Large Coolers Full of Ice and Water

● Multiple Giant Floats

● Mimosa Setups

● Koozies

● Name Tags

● Life Jackets (All adult size)

● Gratuity / Tip to Captains & Crew

● Drinks (in plastic bottles or cans [except champagne – which is allowed in glass])

● Ready-To-Eat Snacks

● Towels

● Sunscreen 

Private Cruise 

● Tour on Lake Travis

● Experienced & licensed Captains & Crew (Nice, Fun, and Professional)

● Clean Restroom

● Loud Bluetooth Speakers

● Plenty of Shades & Seat

● Swim Time

● Extra Large Cooler

● Life Jackets (All adult size)

● Gratuity / Tip to Captains & Crew 

● Drinks (in plastic bottles or cans [except champagne – which is allowed in glass])

● Ready-To-Eat Snacks

● Towels

● Ice

● Water

● Plates, Cups, Plasticware (If you need them)

● Extra Coolers (If you need them)

Please note that all cruises are BYOB (bring your own beer, seltzers, champagne, etc). You can bring food if you like so long as it’s ready to eat. Due to safety we do not allow grilling. Think sandwiches/subs, tacos, pizzas etc 🙂 Bring ice and water unless you’re part of the Disco Cruise bachelorette/bachelor event – we provide ice & water for that event.

Please make sure that your drinks are placed in either plastic bottles or tin cans (except champagne! only glass allowed)

Beer & seltzers are perfect! Just please have all alcohol in plastic or cans (except for champagne bottles – the only glass allowed 🙂) We highly encourage you to avoid hard liquor. Trust us – you’re gonna wanna remember this day!

If guests become too drunk, unruly, or a danger to themselves or others, the cruise will be ended early at the captain’s discretion with no refund.

After departing from our dock at Anderson Mill Marina, we cruise about 30 mins to a beautiful nature preserve in Cypress Creek Cove where we tie up the cliffside to relax and swim! Our boats are too large to visit Devil’s Cove or Hippie Hollow. We don’t tie up to other boats, but they are an easy swim away. For private cruises, we offer more flexibility in terms of cruise time vs swim time – just ask your captain! 🙂

The boats will do their best to depart the dock at the scheduled start time (don’t be late!) & will return to the dock 15 minutes before the scheduled end time of your cruise to ensure everyone can exit the boat safely & be ready for their ride at the top of the hill right at your cruise’s scheduled end time.

Please arrive at Anderson Mill Marina 15 minutes before your cruise time. The marina is located on Lake Travis, about 30 minutes from downtown Austin. The address is: 13993 FM2769, Leander, TX 78641

We recommend stopping at the HEB on 2222. It depends on where you’re coming from, but this is going to be on most people’s way if you’re coming from Austin. HEB is an awesome grocery store that sells food, beer, wine, ice, etc.

We can only wait up to 10 minutes after the scheduled cruise time before we take off. There are other bach groups who were on time and deserve the full experience, but we also don’t want anyone missing out! So don’t be late 😎 There are no refunds for tardiness or missing the boat.

Not at the moment. All our transportation services are currently on hold.

We always recommend Uber XLs/Lyfts to get you to and from the marina – they have been the most reliable!

Be sure to SCHEDULE your ride ahead of time so it’s guaranteed to be waiting for you. Schedule it to arrive 15 minutes before your start cruise time & pick you up at your exact cruise end time as the boats will return to the dock 15 minutes before that.

Yes, there is free parking at the gated marina.


Our captains work hard and even though it might seem like a fun job, we take the safety of our customers and our crew very seriously. If the captains/crew deem anyone on the boat a danger to themselves and/or others for any reason, we reserve the right to end the party early with no refund for the missed time. This isn’t something we take advantage of or like having to do, but it comes with the responsibility of the job. It’s only mentioned because we want everyone to have a fun and safe day on the water. Historically these reasons include, but aren’t limited to an individual being too intoxicated (water, boats, and booze can be dangerous / don’t drown and pace yourself), deciding they need to fight someone (chill bro/bro-ette!), aren’t listening to the crew’s instructions and/or being disrespectful to our staff or other lake goers (follow the golden rule please). Also, don’t mess with Texas. If people are blatantly littering, we just won’t stand for it. Trash goes in the trash cans. That being said, just make sure everyone in your group is pacing themselves, drinking some water throughout the day, and is generally just a decent human being to everyone else on the water. Also, illegal drugs are not allowed.

Yes, and everyone will sign the waiver for the passenger manifest again when they arrive at the marina.

Yes, but they’ll need assistance from their group (guests, no crew) to get on board. Captain and crew will of course assist, but we need a guarantee of assistance from the organizer’s friends, guests, etc, to ensure they can help lift the chair over a small gap between the dock and the boat…It’s very even with the level of the dock to move to the boat, but there’s a small gap of 6 inches to 1 foot, which can vary, but we’ve never had an issue with 3-4 people moving a wheelchair onto the boat. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. You’ll also be able to communicate with the captain to drive the person down in a car closer to the boat. Most vehicles can make it down this road no problem, but make sure this is discussed with the captain ahead of time so arrangements can be made to make this transfer comfortable and safe for everyone involved.

Please click this link to read more about our Terms and Conditions.

We will send everything out, including a waiver to esign, the Wednesday before your cruise. Please let us know what info you need ahead of that and we’ll send it over.

They will be sent to you via email 2-3 weeks after the cruise.

You may get some assistance directly from our Client Services Team by filling out the Booking Request Form. Once you have completed the form, the direct checkout link will be sent to your email.

Once you are on the checkout link / booking page, simply follow the prompt and the steps below.

For ATX Disco Cruises:

     PAGE 1

private cruises faq 1


     PAGE 2

private cruises faq 2
private cruises faq 2



     PAGE 3

If you decide to book a combined girls & guys tickets, your checkout should look like this:

private cruises faq 3
private cruises faq 3


     PAGE 4

Once you click pay and your card details are accepted, the pay button will change to the
“CONFIRM BOOKING” button. Click :”CONFIRM BOOKING” button so the booking will
be forwarded to our team.

private cruises faq 4
private cruises faq 4


     PAGE 5

Once booking is confirmed, you will be routed to the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION page
wherein you may add some additional interests. If there’s none, just simply click FINISH.

private cruises faq 5


For Private Cruises:

The steps are pretty much the same. The only difference is that you have more add-on options when booking a private

private cruises faq 6
private cruises faq 6

You will receive a booking confirmation email once your booking has been placed and confirmed.

You may text or call us at (512) 488-5892 / (737) 265-7424 or send us an email at

Also, you may book a free phone appointment with our Client Sales & Services Team to discuss your booking further.

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